We know managing uniforms can be a challenge at times! With staff constantly adding to your long list of things to do!

We have a few suggestions to make this easier for you.

Depending on the size of the organisation, collate all of your orders for either a Friday once a week, once a fortnight or choose a date once a month. Keep all your orders for this day or date, collate them in a tray or in a folder on your desktop and do one online order, or your individual staff orders, whichever best suits your organisation.

Why you ask?

There are a few reasons why we suggest to order this way, so let us give you the break down.

  •  The main reason is from an organisational & productivity perspective. Choose a date each month for example the 2nd, and on that date, you order your uniforms. This creates some structure within your procedures, and you know on the 2nd of each month you place a fresh uniform order for new and existing staff members.
  •  Streamlines delivery. You have a clear view of what uniforms have been ordered and when they will be delivered. We find that with sporadic orders that are days apart it can push out the production and delivery times. For example: if you put in an order for 1 polo, sometimes the delivery may be pushed out a little compared to an order for 100 blouses as the freight for 1 polo is the same as 100 blouses.
  •  It is actually better for the environment ordering in bulk too. You are cutting down the carbon footprint, like the previous example, one truck delivers 1 polo, if you do this 100 times, that is 100 truck trips! However, if you order 100 polos, that is a single truck trip, hence the carbon footprint is dramatically reduced. We are constantly considering the environment and the impact we have moving forward as an organisation.
  •   There are also cost advantages to ordering in bulk. If you have a bulk order eg. over 100 garments. Always contact us for a bulk order discount!


Collating tools 

BRIE Corporate are more than happy to customise these for you if needed.

Here is an Excel spreadsheet which you can customise to suit your needs

Blank order forms