Social Responsibility

BRIE Corporate strive to be a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Company in Australia through the products and suppliers we use.

Social Responsibility

At BRIE Corporate we understand that the strategy of a successful organisation must include the recognition of social and environmental responsibility. We continue to ensure that careful consideration is given towards the implementation of ethical and socially responsible practices.

At BRIE Corporate we only work with partners, both locally and off shore, with proven commitment and certification of ethical sourcing. Our prices are reflective of an ethical means of operation and high quality goods that cannot be compared with products that have been produced without such high accreditation.


We’re conscious about recycling and waste. We have stringent sorting of recycling to create as little waste as possible from an industry which has a large footprint. We love giving back to the community with donated samples and any decorated garments which fail our quality control get sent to a remote community overseas for reuse.

We aim to reduce land fill and our carbon footprint as best we can by supplying quality products that will last.

We ask our customer to “THINK CLIMATE” when laundering and recommend cold wash and NEVER TUMBLE DRY!

Every little bit helps. We sleep well at night knowing we’re doing our best and yet, have steps in place to ensure we will continue to review our operation processes to improve where we can.


If you would like to see our Environmental Management Plan we are happy to email it to you please request this at

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